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Services for events:

Scrutineering team FlyMark

Judging by using tablets. The output of the program competitions, heats, results of the qualifying rounds, marks of judges in the final to the external devices - projector, TV and other. On-line broadcasting of results during the competition. Speaker and Chairman also provided tablets for control of competition.

Registration team FlyMark

Working provided by FlyMark program, operating in a single system with scrutineering team FlyMark. Ability to work with others scrutineering teams

On-Line registration for the competition

Opening on-line registration to the competition. Page of competition. Organizer have access to the statistics of the competition, country clubs, city coaches. And also have access to the "Advertising", which shows the statistics page competitions clicks on banner ads for competitions, during and after the competition

Speaker of the competition

Professional speaker for the event

Music operator

Professional music operator with suitable equipment.


Professional photographer


Lighting for a variety of events.

Security services (competitions and other events)

Protection of competition, control inputs, cash, VIP zone

Organizational services

Technical staff. Scenery. Rental flooring, stands, carpet, tables, chairs, outfitting. Catering. Health care. Transfer


Banners production

Designer produce materials according to your wishes

Banner advertising

Banner placement for greater awareness of users, and to improve the image of the event. Commercial advertisements.

Information in the "News"

Creation of news with photos or video materials

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